Hi. My name is Aha.

I am a web engineer who loves typesetting, microformats, vim, debugging, Web browsers, and grid systems. I write python, JavaScript, CSS, and classy HTML.


The quick

I build Web things when I'm not talking philosophy shop, waxing poetic, or making shots.

E-mail, ten.selifdren@olleh, is the best way to get in touch.

Current projects

  • LoveStamp — don't tip, say 'thanks
    Geometrically encoded conductive 3D-printed plastic stamps/sensors on Leaflet maps with frequency metrics, built on ChangeTip and SnowShoeStamp, written in CoffeeScript for Node.js and AngularJS/angularAMD, using Grunt, Firebase, and lots of other gear

  • Partner at The Coinsultants
    Still learning, now with the smart folks over at The Coinsultants. I primarily do DevOps for Web Projects, in-house development, and research in Blockchain Thinking, at our Office in Downtown Houston.
  • UTXO
    Purveyors of Mined Coins. AngularJS, Firebase, Django::cms::restframework, Blockscore, Google Maps, Bitcoin transactional APIs.
  • mplifyr
    DIY platform allowing businesses to emotionally engage & build relationships through rewards & recognition. Pivoting to hack the music industry with a music marketplace that rewards sharing of great talent using a decentralized creative voting engine.
  • Phoenix Beverages
    U.S. Edition: a pristine encounter with summer.
    AngularJS, Django::cms.

  • dateplat
    Dateplat brings Evaluative Modeling to timestamped metadata structures notarized by off-chain distributed plats (journaling chains).

Recent projects

  • stripe-market
    Stripe plugin for WordPress to facilitate "distributed payments" across WP ACLs for Stripe: Connect accounts. Obviously this is a very neat system for using WP as an auction house or game developer theme/map rig. Uses Shortcodes.

  • Absolve Wine Lounge — a sample of my wires
    Houston-based wine lounge site built on WordPress with responsive layout. WordPress. WordPress. WordPress. Here's an area of Web Development that could actually use moar open source frameworking. No, really. Tools like jQuery gave us, most importantly, a modular pattern for building near-cross browser compatible plugins. AngularJS does this better, and Backbone.js is at least consistent, if not entirely relying on, deferring to jQuery for DOM utilities. Most of these plugins are solving the problem of portability. With this project I used wp-cli and created a WP-bower like Node.js interface, something for which I am now scribing Yeoman generators.

Past projects

  • Janky map view with a lot of shit.
    D&B Mobile App
    built on Grunt, bower, Bash, Node.js/Express, SASS, Compass, ZURB Foundation, D3, AngularJS/angularAMD, npm-lazy, Google Maps; for CommonREST
  • epantry
    I built like version 0.0.1 or "MVP" on Django 1.5 and Backbone.js; information design, implementation, etc.
  • Bristow Group's Flight Status Tool
    Bristow Group — a sample
    built on Django 1.5; PHP internal middleware; homegrown grid system at Pennebaker
  • Pan African Airlines
    built on Django 1.5; see above
  • Unitech Subsea
    built on Django 1.5; see above
  • Brooklyn Meatball Company
    built on custom WordPress theme framework and jQuery

Off-the-record projects

  • Global Oil Skills — a sample logo
    logo development, design; built on hand-crafted WordPress plugins and theme

Other effects