Hi. My name is Aha.

The quick

I build Web things when I'm not talking philosophy shop or making shots.

Current projects

Recent projects

Past projects

Exploded projects

  • Global Oil Skills
    logo development, design; built on hand-crafted WordPress plugins and theme

Other effects

  • ng.geotranslation
    AngularJS Module for calculating distances on spherical objects using trigonometric functions
  • portcoin
    Joint venture with a colleague to build optimal currency arbitrage opportunities using NetworkX, an information network graphing library and analyzer toolkit
  • botcoin
    Twitter speaks to the chans through OAuth and the Twisted Internet Engine
  • protopex
    Musings and CasperJS Web scrapers for Distributed Autonomous Realtors and  automates discovery, download, and linguistic analysis of legal documents
  • antigrid
    A SASS-y, idiomatic, "abstract" but lightweight responsive grid system for vertically centered grids/elements, "flanks", "castling", and full viewport splits.